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The simplest payment acceptance service needs to make a minimum of 18,000 calls to a node per day in the best case. For greater speed, you need to make additional requests to check the next block, which triples the load. In the case of temporary downtime for 10 minutes, you will need to make 120 requests at a time, as the “conditional client" will wait until its transaction is seen.
During a load, a public node and even a paid service can ban you for exceeding the number of calls per second.
Using this service, you are guaranteed to receive only what you expect with almost one request per successful operation (receipt of coins, profile change, penalty events, creation of a new coin, etc.)
For example: a store will instantly receive a hash of a transaction, and with one request to a node, it will check the correspondence of the amount, coin and recipient.
Thus, the implementation of MINTER in projects will be much faster and much less resource intensive. Also, the "entry threshold" is minimized.
In addition, the technology is not closed, since the opensource standard (minter amqp) is published that allows implementing this ideology in your project.
Let's move the prophecy away when Internet things kill the Internet.
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You can receive messages with the transaction hash when transferring coins to or from your wallet, when delegating, unbond , creating a coin, editing the node owner, cashing a check, data when transferring or exchanging coins, and other transactions of the required type with the necessary parameters.
You can combine and receive, for example, a transaction that is sent from a specific wallet to the desired wallet in a specific coin.
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You can receive messages for unbond events from a node, fines, and rewards in relation to the node or wallet or coin you selected. Rewards can also be filtered by roles (DAO, Delegate, etc.)
Parameters can also be combined.
Signature status — can be used to track the validator's signature skipping
Block number — can be used as an alarm clock for any operations. For example, the block number for a certain promotion or the block for returning coins from rewards.
On the site in the "Publish/Subscribe" section, there are examples in a variety of languages.
The functions of declaring exchangers (exchange), creating and Queuing (queue), and configuring bindings (binding) must be excluded, since they already exist.
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Tracking recipients in a MultiSend transaction type during implementation.
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You must create a web-accessible page. Add this URL when adding or editing notifications.
For guaranteed delivery of the notification, the service will make several repetitions, at short intervals, in case of an incorrect response (example: HTTP GET != 200) or if the page is unavailable.
To protect against abuse, the URL is accepted if it is present in the file robots.txt records that allow reading pages.
You can test it on public services where permission is not required.
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Which entry should I add to robots.txt for HTTP notifications?

You must add files to any location robots.txt, observing the standard.
Allow: /
Other confirmation methods will be added later.
I recommend the service for debugging You can also use and
Confirmations in robots.txt not required
Transaction notifications issue a hash of the transaction.
Notifications on events and blocks give out the block number in which they occurred.
A full array of data is not yet planned for security reasons.
There are restrictions on adding tracking for all transactions and events without a filter.
You can subscribe to all blocks and receive notifications of a new block as they arrive.
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Now the service is free for everyone.
Requests with a small number of notifications and a minimal number of connections to AMQP will probably always be free.
A small fee is planned for resource-intensive notifications, depending on the load created on the service.
Any voluntary donation is accepted)
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You can help the service simply by using it, with simple tasks and a minimal number of amqp tracking clients.
You can recommend the service to your friends or on the corresponding resources, if this solves their problem.
You can donate personally to the author
Buy and delegate the ROBOT coin, but do it wisely, since speculators can sit in the coin (see the delegation price) and only they will benefit...
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My name is Alexey, also known as webcounters
Minter address: Mx0903ab168597a7c86ad0d4b72424b3632be0af1b
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